Company Overview

SINORAMA CORPRATION, established in June 2016, commences trading under the symbol “SNNN” since Feb 2017. The Company is the division of SINORAMA GROUP and controls the Sinorama business entities (i.e. Vacances Sinorama in Montreal and Sinorama Voyages in Paris) via Sinorama Tours Co., Ltd and Simon Qian Voyages Inc.

Sinorama Group was established in 2005 and headquartered in Montreal, a famous eastern city in Canada. Until now, Sinorama Group consists of different companies in Canada, United States, France, Germany, New Zealand, Hong Kong and mainland China. With more than 300 employees around the world, we provide customers with high quality services and timely support.

As a large integrated travel company, we successfully combine the traditional tourism and E –commerce. Sinorama Group is committed to develop e-commerce system globally. Our business covers a wide range of products on a global basis: every year we organize tens of thousands travelers from Europe, United States, and Australia to Asia. At the same time, a great number of Chinese tourists are invited to the United States, Canada and Europe to enjoy the outstanding technology achievements, cultural heritage and natural beauty. Up to now, it has deployed its strategic arrangement in North America - Asia - Europe.

Who are We

Sinorama Group is a public integrated travel company.

Our Business

Sinorama Group organizes people from more than 50 countries and regions to visit China, its Asian tour capacity has reached 35,000 people annually.

The number of our bus tour passengers in North America and Europe has exceeded 100 thousands annually.

Sinorama Group also launches its Chinese outbound tourism business in North America and Europe.

Our Objective

Based on our international business plan and huge customer resources, Sionrama Group is committed to become a top international tourism brand which intergrates travel, restaurant, hotel and other related travel services.