• Sinorama Group will go public gradually.

    Jan. Sinorama S1 Registration is Declared Effective

    Feb. Sinorama Receives US Trading Symbol SNNN from FINRA and Commences Trading in the USA

  • Chinese outbound tourism business to North America and Europe launched

    Sinorama launches its all-around Chinese outbound tourism business to North America and Europe. Committed to become the best Chinese tourism brand around the world, Sinorama aims at increasing its market share of bus tour and evolving into OTA mode.

    Sinorama trains over 200 tour leaders in the European, American and Chinese markets, covering languages such as English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Korean.

    Sinorama serves 35,000 worldwide through its China tour, 100,000 people choose Sinorama's bus tour for their trip.

  • Sinorama celebrates its 10th anniversary with full-range business development

    Sinorama Holidays (Toronto) gets its wholesale license, which helps Sinorama become a leading company in the North American English-speaking market and lays a solid foundation for Sinorama to enter the US market.

    Sinorama exclusively charters two five-star luxury cruises in the Three Gorges.

    Sinorama starts to develop its English markets in Australia, the United Kingdom and North Europe. In 2015, Sinorama organizes customers from over 50 countries and regions regions to visit China, its annual Asia tour customers reaches 27,000 people.

    The number of Sinorama's bus tour customers in North America and Europe reaches a milestone of 100,000.

  • Sinorama expands its business globally

    Jan. Sinorama Reisen GmbH opens in Düsseldorf of Germany.

    Mar. Sinorama Holidays is established in Auckland of New Zealand, opening its market of New Zealand and Australia.

    Apr.  Sinorama Voyages (Paris) begins bus tour business in Europe. Its itineraries cover the areas of Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and other countries. In the same year, it becomes one of the top Chinese-operating bus tour companies in Paris.

    Dec. In North America, Sinorama serves over 80,000 travelers annually, it is one of the travel agencies that receive most bus tour customers in the east of U.S. and Canada; Sinorama also sends more than 15,000 travelers from Canada, U.S., New Aealand, France, Spain and Germany to China.

  • Foundation of Sinorama Travel in Vancouver

    May. Sinorama Travel is founded in Vancouver, entering the Anglophone and Sinophone tourism market of Western Canada.

    Dec. Over 13,000 passengers travel to Asia with Sinorama in 2013; more than 33,000 bus tour passengers travel in North America with Sinorama; and Sinorama gets over 18,000 online bookings.

            Sinorama becomes a family of over 200 travel professionals.

  • Foundation of Sinorama Voyages in Paris

    Mar. Another Sinorama’s company, Sinorama Voyages, starts in Paris, entering the European tourism market; Beijing Sinorama is established, starting Chinese outbound travel business.

    Dec. More than 12,000 people travel to Asia with Sinorama, over 30,000 bus tour passengers travel in North America with Sinorama, and the online reservation number exceeds 15,000.

  • Over 11,000 people chose Sinorama for their Asia trip

    Dec. More than 11,000 travelers travel to Asia with Sinorama in 2011; more than 25,000 people travel in North America with Sinorama; and the number of online bookings exceeds 10,000.

             A team of over 100 employees work at Sinorama.

  • Sinorama’s market is expending

    Dec. More than 9,000 passengers from both English and French speaking markets travel to Asia with Sinorama in 2010; and over 20,000 people chose Sinorama bus tour to travel in North America.

  • Foundation of Sinorama Holidays in Toronto

    Jun. Sinorama Holidays is founded in Toronto and enters the Anglophone market of Asia tour in Canada.

    Oct. Sinorama starts its online business.

  • First gathering of travelers

    Nov. Vacances Sinorama breaks a record of gathering 703 travelers and holding a welcome banquet in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China.

  • Foundation of Vacances Sinorama

    Mar. Vacances Sinorama is founded in Montreal, entering the bus tour market in Canada and providing flight reservation services.

    Aug. Vacances Sinorama launches China tour in the Francophone market of Canada, sending 200 Quebec travelers to China.