Hong Qian

Founder, Chairman of the Board

Mr. Hong Qian is the founder of Sinorama, and he currently serves as our Chairman of the Board.
Graduated from Henan Institute of Economics and Trade with a major in international business, he went to study French at Xi'an International Studies University and Jean Mennais in France afterword.
Mr.Qian has been working in tourism industry since 1994, he used to work as travel guide, travel operating manager, department manager, general officer, etc. in China, France and Canada

Wenjia Jing

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Wenjia Jing got her bachelor’s degree at Xi'an International Studies University with a major in French and a second major in English. After graduation, she worked at the China Chaanxi Native Product I/E Corp. for 3 years and also worked as a French travel guide at the same time. In 1999, she took 1-year study in France and then worked at Sino-France Economic and Cultural Center, where she was responsible of serving visiting groups, translation, travel arrangement and hotel reservation. In 2001, Ms. Jing finished her simultaneous interpretation training in the European Union and interned there for half year.
Ms. Jing participated in the foundation of Sinorama in 2005 and has been working here thereafter, she once worked as travel guide, travel operating manager, travel counsellor, and human resource manager. She currently serves as the CEO of Sinorama.

Hongxi Zhao

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Hongxi Zhao did his master’s studies in French literature and got his second master’s diploma at Paris Superior Business School with a major in operating marketing. He once worked at accounting firm, helping median and small companies to do bookkeeping, file tax return, prepare payroll and make end-of-year revenue report. He also handled company related transactions, drafted legal documents such as stock exchange, legal person replacement and business closure.
In 2010, Mr. Zhao participated in founding the Sinorama Voyages in Paris and worked as general manager and executive director. He also serves as the CFO of Sinorama Group.

Wen Wang

Vice President of Sinorama Group & Vice General Manager (Sinorama Montreal)

Ms. Wen Wang is our vice president who has 17 years’ experience in senior management. She has exceptional abilities of execution, organization, judgment and leadership, and she is often praised for her strong working responsibility and dedication. She is specialized in interpersonal communication and organizing team work, which makes sure the best results from each team member.

Ting Xiao

Chief Operating Officer & Chief Director of Operating Center

Mr. Ting Xiao graduated from HEC-Montreal with a major in business management. Started as a travel guide, he has 15 years’ experience in tourism industry and is very familiar with bus tours in North America as well as inbound and outbound tourism business. After joining Sinorama, he has inspired by our company culture and values. Serving as our COO, Ms. Xiao is ready to move forward with Sinorama and accept new challenges.

Fang Wei

Vice President & Excutive Director of Operating Center

Ms. Fang Wei finished her bachelor’s degree of English education at Guangzhou University, and she got her Master’s degree of second language education and applied education. She started to work at Sinorama in 2007 and she has a rich management experience in the Asian tour business and e-commerce. Ms. Wei has strong responsibility, initiative, creativity and great sense of team-work.

Yuzhi Ouyang

Vice President & Manager of Bus Tour Department

Ms. Yuzhi Ouyang got her Master’s and PhD degree of education in France. Before she entered Sinorama, she has many years’ experience in activity organization and management for Chinese post-secondary students and her management ability is exceptional.
Ms. Ouyang has been working in Sinorama since 2010. Served as Aisan tour travel counsellor, Asian tour leader, and bus tour leader, she is knowledgeable of all the business of Asian tour and bus tour. She is appointed as the manager of Bus Tour Department in 2012. Since then, the total sales of bus tour reservation sees a great increase of average 70%, helping Sinorama become a leading company in the field of bus tour tourism.

JieMei Huang

Vice President & General Manager (Sinorama Toronto)

Graduated from Humber College of Applied Arts and Technology Hospitality Management Program, Ms. Helena Wong once worked for Park Hotel, Hong Kong as Front office Assistant Manager, and Assistant Personal Manager before she moved to Toronto. In 1992, she was hired by Morning Star Travel Services as Travel Consultant and later promoted as Sales Supervisor.  She later joined Sinorama Group first as its Travel Consultant in Toronto in January 2010, and then promoted in 2012 to be the sales manager, and eventually became the general manager since July 2013. Ms. Wong has been serving travel industry for over 17 years, with familiarity of all kinds of Sinorama travel designs/products and management experiences across the years.
As a professional of the travel industry, Ms. Wong aspires to make her best endeavors to arrange for the clients under our company a safe and unforgettable/remarkable journey. As a member of Sinorama and its leadership, she commits to maintain a cordial and intimate relationship between Sinorama and its colleagues, thus dedicate all together to the company’s exciting progression whole heartedly, not to mention carrying on its missions and values.

Zhenming Wang

Chief Information Officer & Manager of IT Department

Mr. Zhenming Wang has over 10 years’ working experience in the Internet industry. He once worked in many famous Chinese Internet Companies and was promoted as department manager in Sohu Inc. and Sina Corp.
Mr. Wang joined Sinorama in 2010, he initiated the creation of Sinorama’s IT team and the design of Sinorama’s online platforms.

Peng Sun

Chief Cultural Officer & Manager of Department of Entreprise Culture Publicity

Mr. Peng Sun has a great expertise in organization & management, online promotion, graphic design and media production. Mr. Sun once studied in France where he got his master’s degree in the field of environment and sustainability at Perpignan University and a second master’s degree in information technology at Montpellier University II. He become a Sinorama member in 2011 and is recognized by his strong work ethic.
He currently serves as the manager of Department of Entreprise Culture Publicity.

Yingxin Guo

Chief Security Officer

Mr. Yingxin Guo graduated from Shanghai University with a major in optics, he continued to pursuit his master degree in business management and decision making at Litooral University in France. He once worked at Shanghai Yekao Glasses Limited Company under the Seiko Optical of Seiko Epson Group and was responsible for product development and ISO 9002 quality control. From 2007 to 2011, he worked at Microtech Land Computer Inc. in Montreal and his jobs envolves maintenance of IT hardware and software system. As the technical director, he monitored the operating process of other two sub-departments and contact clients from diverse areas, which gave him extensive experience in the installment, testing, and maintenance of IT equipment.

Xiao'er Duan

Manager of Asian Tour Department (Sinorama Montreal)

Ms. Xiao’er Duan graduated from Wuhan University of Technology with a major in foreign trade management. She was then granted Master’s degree in business management at Paul Verlaine University – Metz in France. She began to work at Sinorama at 2009 and has 7 years’ experience in tourism industry.
Ms. Duan is our manager of Asian tour department currently and is responsible for its daily operation.

Meng Guo

Front Desk Manager of Air Ticket

Ms. Meng Guo finished her studies in Tourism Techniques in LaSalle College. Started from front desk consultant, she has master solid professional knowledge of Sabre and Amadeus reservation system and related air ticket business.
Ms. Guo joined Sinorama in 2011 and currently serves as our Front Desk Manager of Air Ticket.

Cuiling Zhu

Senior Finanical Director & Accountant (Sinorama Toronto)

Ms. Clara Chu completed her curriculum of accounting/secretary in Hong Kong and obtained relevant multiple overseas certificates. She once worked as a secretary for a listed company in Hong Kong. Ms. Chu had also studied various accounting curricula in Canada and served another major travel agency in Toronto as an Accounting Supervisor who supervised, managed and coordinated overall business of its Accounting Department. Ms. Chu entered Sinorama Holidays Inc. on July 2009 and by now has over 20 years working experience in accounting for travel industry.

Jing Li

Director of Finacial Department (Sinorama Montreal)

Ms. Jing Li graduated from Tianjin University of Commerce with a major in accounting in 2005 and has been working in the field of accounting and audit ever since.
Ms. Jing entered Sinorama in June, 2014 and quickly mastered the overall operation of Financial Department. Working as our financial director, she pays attentions to the big picture of financial management and coordinates the cooperation with other departments.