Sinorama’s business comprise of the sales of self-developed products and that of third party products.

Sinorama Group has self-developed more than 100 travel itineraries. Our consistent pursuit of high-quality products and services is the key guarantee of our ongoing expansion.
Cross-border tour is our main business, which helps numerous travelers to see the world through their own eyes. Specialized in Asian tour and China tour, Sinorama attracts a great number of travelers worldwide by its excellent products, considerable price and high-quality services, thus becoming a leading company in the field. In 2015, Sinorama organized passengers of 27,000 people from more than 50 countries and regions traveling to Asia, and more than 35,000 people traveled to Asia with us in 2016.
Bus tour is the other key component of our business, focusing on luxury local bus travel. Currently, Sinorama has over 70 popular itineraries, covering the area of North America and Europe. In 2015, we received 100,000 bus tour customers.
In addition, Sinorama provides customized service to our customers, designing private itinerary for customers with unique requirement.

Travel product development (Cross-border Tour + Bus Tour)

Besides its own products, Sinorama has established cooperative business relationship with many travel institutes, providing our customers with superior products from third parties around the world. Our third party products include travel itineraries, air ticket, cruise, hotel reservation, car rental, travel insurance, ensuring an all-round support for our customers.

Third party product (air ticket, cruise, insurance, hotel, etc.)

In recent years, Sinorama has successfully combined traditional offline business and online sales model.

Sinorama started its online business and actively explore the model of e-commerce in 2009. This new business greatly expands our customer resources, helping Sinorama transform into a comprehensive travel service network internationally from a local travel agency.
Currently, we also work with some famous travel websites such as Travelzoo and Groupon, which increases our product exposure through various platforms.

Online business (Sinorama.com + Other online platforms)

Our offline business has integrated different types of business including retail, wholesale and third party product sales. It is the starting point of Sinorama group, which gives us a large number of royal customers locally.
Started from our Montreal Office, Sinorama has increased its scale step by step. Now, we have companies in Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand, Hong Kong and mainland China, providing services in North America, Aisa, Europe and Oceania.

Offline business (Retail + Wholesale + Third party product sales)