Sinorama Culture and Values

From sketch to a group corporation of today, Sinorama has gathered more than 300 talents, served over 100,000 customers annually, with companies in a dozen of countries and regions across the world. Our development all along, seemingly a miracle, is not a miracle.

We adhere to a basic philosophy of “Action leads to accomplishments and traveling results in destinations”; we fulfill a determined mission of “Customer orientation and social reciprocity”; we establish a durable positioning of “Encouraging diverse thinking, welcoming various talents”; we strive to achieve a corporate vision of "Relying on honest efforts and passing on cultural heritage".

We start from ourselves, by cultivating the core values of “consciousness, enthusiasm, dignity and integrity” inside our team. We uphold traditional millennium Chinese virtues of “Politeness and righteousness”, and adapt to the new North American concept of “Returning to the nature, to the tradition and to the family”. We create a cozily loving work atmosphere for Sinorama People to realize their values in such a warm, optimist, healthy, mutual learning and helping environment.

We base ourselves on customer-orientation; we listen to them, answer them and help them with our utmost down-to-earth caring services, so as to gain them back to us again and again, and to achieve a win-win situation between customers and us.

We hope and are endeavoring to raise the company visibility and build the reputation of “Sinorama” by virtue of our rich, deeply-rooted corporate culture.

Management of Professional Ethics

Each organization has their proper rules and regulations, which are a set of operating principles formulated on the basis of national laws, social norms and their own management experience. From a company standpoint, such system provides a general constraint on employee behaviors as the most basic code of conduct for each qualified employee. Nevertheless, simply compliance is still far from making an outstanding career, since the system still has its limit in many ways, where our employees need to exert professional ethics. All passionate and energetic Sinorama People are encouraged to:

1. Be a person of integrity and kindness. Keep being righteous and warm with customers and peers. This quality may touch others as well as influence them.

2. Be a person who likes to learn and embrace changes. All staff, old or new, are challenged with constantly updating information and knowledge. Learning has little to do with titles, ages or genders. Holding our curiosity, facing up to innovation, welcoming changes, we will feel much more confident of the future.

3. Be a responsible person. We should answer for our work and our responsibilities. We should be courageous enough to present ourselves in front of demanding tasks, also to make self-evaluation and criticism in face of mistakes.

4. Be a team player. Team spirit is something easier to say than do. It is very possible for us to give up our partial or even entire plan to concede to an overall advancement, which is a severe test to our professionalism.

5. Be a scheduled planner. Everything begins with a plan; a rational planning will increase our executive efficiency and reduce the chance of our frustration caused by the waste of time.

6. Be a good thinker who summarizes at the end. Our work may always inspire and enlighten us in one way or another. Those who enjoy thinking and reviewing will be able to improve and progress.

7. Be a devoted person. No matter what position we are in, they are all important for the company. Excellent performance on each post will add up to an overall progress and development of the latter. Loving our job does not contradict with promotions or relocations. In case of any objections with the arrangements, we are strongly suggested to promptly inform responsible departments or personnel, to reach to an early solution. Slowdown or demotivation are never the best way-out. We shall take serious all settlements and make full use of each working moment.

8. Be a punctual person. Punctuality represents a respect for oneself and for others. It guarantees a premise for completing our work in an outstanding manner. It is also the foundation for building a positive work atmosphere in the company.

9. Be a person with good health habits. Our health environment has a direct impact on our 8-hour work comfort. Every one of us is responsible for our garbage disposal, table/desk and chair cleaning, drinking water replacement, etc.

10. No gossip over private manners. All misinterpretation caused by gossips over customers or peers may result in harms, and in turn an invisible loss for the company, thus not conducive to build a positive corporate culture.
11. Prohibition from taboos. In the company management, there are always certain high-voltage lines, representing the end of one’s career and even crimes.

      a. No corruption or bribery. All monetary transactions in the company's business, finance or other aspects shall be clear, zero tolerances to embezzlement. It is highly forbidden to gain personal interests under the company name or with our rights endowed by the company.

      b. Keep company secrets and business information confidential. All employees shall protect customer information, without any leakage and transaction over customer information.

      c. No ganging up. It is forbidden to form interest groups for the sake of personal gains or disagreement suppression.

It is a long-term project to develop our professionalism and it covers so much more than the above-mentioned items. We should strive forward for Sinorama’s ultimate goal. We try, we cheer and we grow.

For the next ten years, we are embracing a new starting point and we are ready to step on a new journey!
We are the reasons for Sinorama to be wonderful!