Montréal, Canada, January 21, 2016

Dear customers, the old and new Sinorama peers:

First of all, I would like to, on behalf of Sinorama Group, express my heartfelt thanks to you all for your concern and support. At the beginning of the New Year 2016, I wish all the best to our customers: good health and excellent career!

In 2015, Sinorama insisted on customer orientation for company evolution and service positioning, emphasized on refining its organizational structure, and achieved a sustainable all-round development and strict governance. By the end of last year, it had sent approximately 27,000 travelers to Asia, 80,000 on North American bus tours and realized 40,000 online reservations on a yearly basis. What’s more, Sinorama had served a total of 478,000 customers since its foundation.

In the past decade, we started from sketch, and experienced an arduous pioneering stage. All the hardship and happiness have availed us the opportunity to advance step by step, to lay a solid foundation, and to build our own reputation.

In the past decade, we have grown stronger hand in hand with more than 200 employees, over 95% of whom have received a good higher education. With the sound theoretical and practical knowledge base, we are fully equipped and ready to provide quality, efficient and professional services to customers.

In the past decade, we have created a convenient hands-down service network by establishing companies all over the world, including Canada, the United States, France, Germany, New Zealand, Hong Kong, mainland China, and other countries and regions.

In the past decade, our customers have come from every corner of the world, where we have led them going through laughter, passion and tangible comfort. So now, whenever reading the warm messages and commentaries from our tens of thousands of customers, we feel so proud to tell ourselves and everyone else that our commitment has been recognized. In the meanwhile, we keep encouraging ourselves to make more efforts and go even further!

We have well understood that that the tourist industry is vulnerable to so many factors, such as climate, politics, economy, health and military, etc. Only by expanding in both horizontal and vertical manner can we guarantee our customers with stable services.

Therefore, we sincerely reach out to cooperate with all elites from all sectors, to share our resources with each other, to enhance our joint competitiveness, and thus, to endow customer service with a new connotation and a fresh vitality. We will be more than thrilled to step with you into the next common strategic development!

I hope and I also believe that, with our customers’ long-standing support and our staff’s unremitting efforts, Sinorama Group is bound to accomplish greater progress in all aspects of our work, and make more contributions to realize our cultural tourism dream and to building a better world.