Many companies in their early stages don’t have a clear goal and an ambitious plan, they just want to realize their excellent ideas and make creative people survive. If the business idea is good, and staffs are willing to do practical work, then companies could develop and improve in the long run. However, as the company grows, it should adjust its goal and make changes constantly. If it refuses to change, it will go bankrupt soon.
The old Chinese saying of "food first, then comes soldiers and horses " is also appropriate for company's growth plan. On the way of advancement, business plan, professional ethics, and company's responsibilities are all our "food”.  Without food, army will panic; without “food”, the company will be like a runaway horse, the faster it runs, the harder to be controled. Sinorama was found in 2005 and has developed step by step up until today. What is our business goal? What kind of business we want to do? Besides the management, everyone might have such questions in mind.

From the perspective of company scale: At the beginning, Sinorama was only a small office. After ten years’ development, today it becomes a large company with more than a dozen companies in the world. In the next 10 years, we will strive towards the Fortune Global 500 because we could not limit ourselves to a national ranking. What we aim for is worldwide ranking. Although we will have a lot of obstacles placed in the way, the use of our unique advantages could make our dream come true. This requires sustainable efforts of our employees.

From the perspective of business development: Sinorama is mainly rooted in the tourism industry, and the international tourism business is our unique advantage. At the same time, we start to set up a global operation and service center, which is an effective support to our globalization into a large scale. We will also improve operational efficiency, reduce cost and promote quality of service. In the next few years, we will continue to work hard to become the industry leader. However, our business is not limited to tourism business, we aim to establish a global tourism company and use our huge customer resources to build a famous global TVL (travel, hospitality & leisure) company. In the following days, our strategic goal is:

             Set up global operating and service center             Establish a global distribution network             Promote online sales model              Speed up development and take public financing

From the perspective of social mission: when a company grows to a certain size, it shall take its corresponding social missions, because its activities will have direct or indirect influence on society, the effect could be positive or negative.  Sinorama hopes its growth would bring positive influence to the society. Through our efforts in the field of tourism, we would like to help people from all over the world know different cultures of other countries and regions. Chinese old saying says "travelling ten thousand miles, reading ten thousand books.” Only by travelling and reading, we could extend our horizon. We are proud of our sacred mission: we live better without prejudice!

From perspective of company culture: For a Canadian company that mainly ran by Chinese, Sinorama is always influenced by Chinese culture and spirit. When our business grows and diversifies, it needs an integration of other cultures and it will widely absorb the best parts of both western and eastern cultures to form its unique culture. As an employee of Sinorama, from the moment that we come into the company, we shall have a sense of pride that comes from all aspects related to salary, employee benefits, professional training, and opportunity of work promotio. As a result, everyone feels free, fair, and happy.

To achieve these goals, we need to work together.