Sinorama launches its TV campaign on TVA


On September 5th 2016, Sinorama launches its TV advertising campaign on Quebec’s television network TVA. This is Sinorama’s third time to advertise on television after its campaigns on CBC and on Radio-Canada. In addition, Sinorama becomes the special partner of the morning show "Salut Bonjour".

TVA is the second-largest privately owned television network in Canada. It was formally organized in September 1971 by 10 private local television stations. Since then, TVA provides different programs for its French-speaking audience. As the most influential French-speaking channel, TVA is very popular among Quebec audience.

"Salut Bonjour" is a morning talk show from 6 am to 10 am, Monday to Friday. This TV program invites guests to discuss current events or hot topics. Since its debut in October 1988, “Salut Bonjour” is highly praised by local audience. The current host Gino Chouinard has captured numerous fans with his relaxed style.   

In today's morning talk show, Gino Chouinard presented a special section called "Osez L'Aise" (Hello China) to the audience to promote Vacances Sinorama and its traveling products. Gino also invited the President of Sinorama, Ms. Wenjia Jing, to talk about travelling in Asia. This special section became a hit with local people immediately, which helped Sinorama get hundreds of calls right after the show.