Sinorama Corporation New Share Issuance Announcement



SINORAMA CORPORATION (“Sinorama” or the “Company”) was approved by SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) for S1 on January 9th, 2017 and availed the stock symbol SNNN by FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Association) on OTC (Over-the-counter) market on February 21st, 2017. Such relevant information has been passed on to all shareholders and they have begun to open accounts and deposit physical certificate. At the same time, the shareholders have prepared for public trading in the stock market. In consideration of a sustainable development, the Company started a new round of stock issuance and shared its subscription plan, which is available from March 10th, 2017 to April 30th, 2017.

1. Shareholders of record have the pre-emptive right starting from March 10th, 2017 to April 10th, 2017. Those who miss the deadline or fail to write a notice to the Board of Directors within the time frame shall be regarded as waiver of their pre-emption rights.

2. Issued price and number of new shares to be issued. The Company intends to issue no more than 5,300,000 new shares to uncertain objects and the issue price is USD $1.5 per share. The total amount shall not exceed $USD 7,950,000. All subscribed objects shall make payment through bank transfer.

3. Payment Period proposed as follows:
   (1) Payment start date: March 10th, 2017
   (2) Payment end date: April 30th, 2017

4. Subscription Process (from March 10th, 2017 to April 30th, 2017)
Subscribers need to transfer subscription funds to the designated account, otherwise regarded as invalid subscriptions.

Subscribers need to send a copy of their bank transfer receipt to and call (438)-384-0550 or (514)866-6888 #1862 to confirm before April 30, 2017.

Confirmation of subscription succeeds. Upon the verification by the Company that the subscription funds are received and all required documents are complete prior to April 30th, 2017, the object will be informed by phone and E-mail that the stock subscription is successful.

5. The stock price is USD $1.50 per share; Total subscription funds = USD $1.5 × subscription shares. Subscription shall be achieved by per 20000 shares.

6. The payee account number, account name shall filled in correctly and in strict accordance with the payment account information as provided hereafter. Remittance amount shall be strictly consistent as shown in the subscription amount. It is strongly disadvised to wire more or less than such amount. Subscribers shall be held responsible for related remittance fees. Such fees shall not be deducted from the subscription funds. For any problems arising from the process of subscription, the Company will contact related subscribers with predetermined contact information, to ensure a smooth completion of subscription. Subscribers who may not be reached via the telephone number as provided herein and/or who failed to provide such telephone number shall be held liable for all consequences and issues incurred thereby. Should the amount wired by the subscriber be inconsistent with his/her subscribed portion as confirmed in his/her signed Subscription Agreement, the actual subscribed quantity as per such subscription amount shall prevail.



Stock Subscription Instructions

Interested subscribers –
(1) Request related documents of stock subscription via email IPO@sinoramagroup (including the introduction, subscription application form, and Subscription Agreement); or claim related documents in person from our Montreal office at 518-998 Saint-Laurent Boul. Montreal, Quebec H2Z 9Y9;

(2) Confirm the subscription, fill in the subscription form, and sign the subscription agreement;

(3) Make payment, and complete the subscription process;

(4) Stock registration;

(5) Open accounts - complete deposit – begin trading.

Subsequent disclosure of information

Subscribers shall provide a clearly scanned copy of both sides of their identity cards (consistent with the Subscription Agreement. The visibility of the card shall not be impaired, if subscribers deem remarks are necessary to be made on the same copy.); and

A clear and complete scanned copy of the payment proof. (It is advisable that the payer and the subscriber should be the same person).



Boards of Directors

Sinorama Corporation