President Wenjia Jing was invited to the popular TV show "Marina Interview”


2016 is an important year for the development of China-Canada relationship to enter a new era. At G20 Summit, the two heads of countries announced the year 2018 as the "Year of Canada-China Tourism". Then Premier Keqiang Li was invited to visit Canada at the end of September. This is Chinese Premier’s first visit to Canada in the past 13 years. During his visit in Montreal, Air Canada launched a direct flight between Montreal and Shanghai, which would greatly improve the exchanges between China and Canada.

At this exciting moment, President Wenjia Jing was invited to the popular TV show "Marina Interview”, a famous program of CBC / Radio Canada, to introduce Asia and China to local French-speaking audience.

Since its start, "Marina Interview" has drawn hundreds of thousands loyal fans. In this show, Marina talks about food, home, art, tourism and some other topics that audience likes. This excellent hostess has 30 years experience.

During the interview, Ms. Jing and Marina talked about china’s tremendous changes in the past hundred years, especially those after 1990s, including Chinese cuisine, people’s daily life, rich traditions, etc. Ms. Jing also warmly invited Quebec people to lift the mysterious veil of Asia to experience the exotic culture and civilization. Sinorama provided fresh information to local people to learn more about today’s China. It also announced the objective of its services: "Sionrama will lower the tour price and improve the service quality,  letting more Quebec people travel to China at affordable price."

In the end, Ms. Jing prepared a big surprise for a lucky audience: a 15-day China Tour with direct flights departed from Montreal!

"Your eastern dream, our hometown", Sinorama intends to become a bridge which helps to connect China and the world.